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The Full Meaning of HTTP and HTML – Definition And Explanation



If you are not sure what HTTP stands for, then you may not know what it is all about. HTTP is an application layer protocol used in the World Wide Web to transfer data from one computer to another. HTTP is the standard protocol used for web browsers to send and receive hypertext messages. Hypertext Transfer Protocol is used to transfer multimedia and distributed data over the Internet. The full meaning of HTTP is described below. Listed below are the different uses of HTTP.

Specific request techniques are used by HTTP to carry out various functions. The GET and

HEAD methods are supported by all HTTP servers, however not all of them do.

  • GET requests the whole specified resource.
  • Using HEAD, a specific resource is requested without the body content.
  • POST creates a new page under an existing online resource and adds text, messages, or data to it.
  • PUT directly alters an existing web resource or, if necessary, generates a new URI.
    DELETE deletes a certain resource.
  • Users can view any updates or additions to a web resource using TRACE.
  • Users can view the available HTTP methods for a given URL using OPTIONS.
  • The request connection is changed to a transparent TCP/IP tunnel by CONNECT.
  • PATCH alters a web resource just partially.

HTTP makes the concept of hypertext possible. It is an application protocol that creates standards that web browsers can understand. When a user clicks on a hypertext link, the server sends the information to the browser. The server then responds with the web page the user requested. HTTP is used to transfer and exchange data between different websites, including emails and websites. However, it is not used to transfer images or videos, although it is used in many applications.

What is connectionless communication? It is a type of communication in a packet switching network, in which each data unit is individually addressed and routed. Connectionless communication is commonly used in LANs and in the Internet. It is also referred to as CL-mode communication. Each unit of data is addressed, routed, and forwarded independently. Each of these processes is more efficient than traditional connection-based communications. In LANs, a connectionless communication network is ideal because it can be implemented with any network architecture.

Connectionless protocols have the advantage that they do not require a connection to establish or tear down the communication channel. Instead, the messages are sent and can be directed to a variety of recipients. This method is often used because it is faster and more efficient. Connection-based protocols require packet exchange and teardown, which both incur additional overhead and elapsed time. For this reason, connectionless protocols are often preferred over traditional connections. It is possible to send large amounts of data over short distances using connectionless protocols. Now, that’s the full meaning and everything that you need to know about the HTTP. 

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