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How to play Fantan New88 always wins for new players



What is Fantan and How to play Fantan How to always win? Surely this is the question of many casino game enthusiasts. And today’s article, New88 will talk about this interesting game. Furthermore, we will share our experiences How to play Fantan helps you always win.
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How to play Fantan?

Fantan is a very good casino game originating from China. It is played with multiple dice and a stick, from which the dealer counts the dice to determine the result.

More specifically, after finishing shaking the dice in the shock plate, the dealer will use a stick, then count the points. At the end, that is the result of the whole game and the final result is announced. How to play Fantan That’s it, very simple, right?

Initially, it was only popularly played in China, however, in the 90s of the 20th century, Fantan was introduced to America, then spread to the whole world.

To learn more about Fan tan’s playing experiences, please join us in following the article below.

7 Experiences to help new players learn how to play Fantan effectively

If you want to change your life by making money from online gambling, please refer to some extremely effective real-time Fantan playing experiences below:

1. Invest money according to the planned plan

There needs to be a plan to use the money used to play effectively. There, classify the principal amount spent, the amount won and determine the amount lost.

This avoids the situation where you don’t know how much profit or loss you have and keep playing until you lose all your money.

2. Keep your mind stable

How to play Fantan The most reasonable and fastest way to win is to always maintain a stable mentality throughout the game. When you encounter losing games, you should not struggle or lose your temper.

Or when you win, being too happy and blindly focusing on your own playing style will also have unpredictable consequences.

Those things will cause you to be distracted, and make wrong decisions and judgments. Therefore, keep yourself calm whether you lose or win.

3. Read and understand the game rules carefully

Many Fantan players are very subjective, thinking that they know how to play and the rules of the game by heart. However, there are many other small rules involved in the game.

If you pay attention and carefully learn the rules of the game, the games will go easier and your winning efficiency will be higher.

They will help you not let the house’s advantage overwhelm you, thereby improving your chances of winning money.
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4. Concentrate and observe meticulously

One of the secrets about How to play Fantan To be effective, that is to have meticulous observation. At the same time, always focus 100% on your game.

Therefore, you can rely on your own observation and concentration to make the best decisions.

You need to concentrate highly so that when you observe, you will recognize many secrets to playing well. Don’t be negligent for a moment!

5. Bet in moderation

This is important when participating in any casino game. You must know how to divide your budget in a reasonable way and bet according to your ability.

When you know your cash limit, it will be easier for you to manage your cash flow well. From there, avoid the problem of loss or debt that may happen to you!

6. Place multiple bets

When placing 2 bets, the winning rate will be 50% for the chance of the result sticking to that number. Meanwhile, if you place one bet, the player’s winning rate is only 25%.

However, players must calculate carefully to place a reasonable bet. Because the result does not match the selected numbers, you will lose more bet money.

7. Refer to other players

This is about experience How to play Fantan Finally, we want to share with new players.

As in any game, learning from other players or veteran players is extremely rewarding.

They have knowledge and experiences that we don’t have or take a lot of time to get.

Therefore, why not absorb those things and filter them for yourself. From then on, they become one of our secrets to playing Fantan well.


Fantan is truly a betting genre that is rich in entertainment and brings many exciting feelings to all players.

The fact that more and more “gamblers” are approaching and choosing this genre to “make a living” is a practical proof of this.

Use your knowledge of the game rules and these tips casino New88 provided for you to apply on How to play Fantan Please.

Don’t entrust all your capital to the two words black and red, your level will determine who will be majestic when leaving the casino. New88 confirms it, whether you think it’s true or not.

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