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Introducing the online betting company New88 



company introduction New88, a legal, reputable, classy company address recognized by many players, evaluated and participated in playing. To better understand this brand, let’s learn about the following shared article:

I. Introducing the bookmaker company New88:

New888, is a bookmaker that has been around for a long time, but compared to many other brands, this is the most prestigious bookmaker ever. Although operating for more than 10 years, the brand has proven its seriousness and efforts. In the end, the worthy result was 10 million players participating every day, and this number is increasing.

The following will introduce the company New88 through some key information below:

1.Formation and development process:

Under the supervision and ownership of a large betting corporation called M.A.N Entertainment, located in Manila, Philippines headquarters. Licensed to operate by the Isle Of Man Economic Zone, GEO TRUST is recognized as a secure and reputable website address. company introduction New88, showing that this is the largest scale bookmaker today.

Since its inception, New88 Always serious and developing, the goal is to create the most prestigious and classy playground so that anyone who wants can participate. Although throughout the development process, there have been many ups and downs, the house has also achieved many successes.

2. Situation New88 Present:

company introduction New88 At the present time, the house is currently expanding the Vietnamese market. Although born later, it has great potential and determination New88 received a lot of trust from many people. The number of participating members continues to increase each year, the game areas are never lacking in players. The goal is to provide a quality entertainment environment.

II. Company detailed review New88:

With outstanding attractive advantages, the house provides players with a classy, ​​prestigious and guaranteed entertainment space. Below, we will point out a few advantages evaluated by players and experts, which are:

1.Quality of services and products:

company introduction New88, the first advantage to evaluate is the quality of services and products. With more than 10 million players participating every day, the quality of services and products provided here meets the needs of players. With hundreds of popular casino games today such as card games, lotteries, and sports, alongside beautiful and attractive Dealers are guaranteed to make players feel satisfied.

See: Slotgame New88

2. Beautiful house interface:

It is one of the things that players highly appreciate when introducing the company New88, which is the interface. With the purpose of providing the best experience, players constantly upgrade breakthroughs, providing the most optimal interface to meet user needs.

download 2

The orange and black colors are extremely harmonious, creating synchronization in the overall interface. When experiencing, it will help players no different from experiencing at real casinos in the world.

3. Bookmaker’s customer service department:

For the customer service department, this is also the next highly appreciated thing when introducing the company New88. When participating in entertainment here, players will experience dedicated and thoughtful customer service. Furthermore, customer service is always available 24/7 to answer all players’ questions.

During the game, if you have difficulty depositing money, placing bets, or withdrawing money, you can contact customer service for specific advice. Currently, the customer service department supports on all platforms such as are facebook, zalo, telegram, live chat…

Above is an article sharing about company introduction  New88. Hopefully the information just mentioned will help players understand this brand clearly. If you still need any more information, you can contact the customer service department for advice.

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