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The Simplest And Most Complete Way To Play Mahjong For Newbies



One of the world’s most classic mind games isMahjong, which has a long and rich history. To playMahjong, players need to have sophistication and ingenuity in arranging the pieces on the chessboard. This post by Nhà cái Hi88 will introduce about  How to play Mahjong   to be able to become a creative player.

About Mahjong

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese intellectual game, born and popularized during the Qing Dynasty from 1644 to 1912. Currently, it is enjoyed in many different countries, including Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asian countries, with unique variations creating variety.

GIntroduction to playing Mahjong

MahjongUse small dotted bricks to form pairs or lines, usually with 4 players. To win each game, players need to master How to play Mahjong , apply strategies and good judgment skills.

Instructions for newbies   How to play Mahjong   easy to understand

To be able to participate in the game with the most confidence, follow and master the rules and secrets of the gameMahjong The following:

Rules of Mahjong

According to the rules in How to play Mahjong , to play this type of card, gamers must master the rules and rules of the game. This is a game that requires players’ alertness and agility. The first player to play is the one with 14 cards, called the door. In those 14 cards, must be arranged into 4 phu when buzzing. Specifically:

  • Phu horizontal or Phuong: Are 3 cards of the same number or shape.
  • Vertical Phu or Phinh: Is 3 consecutive cards in number or shape.
  • Tai Phao: Is a pair of similar cards, has no value when buzzing, only used to support.
  • Phuong Chieu: Is a card taken from the opponent or from the deck, combined with 3 available cards.

Law of precedence in How to play Mahjong  is applied when there are 2 or more people waiting for a card to buzz, the person who has priority is the person sitting on the right of the door. When there are many people with Phuong or Chieu, the person with the higher hand is given priority.

When buzzing without the rules, the player will have to pay money to all participants or have points deducted from 32 to 64. Having eaten 9 pieces of the same row, the player must notify the whole table. Otherwise, you will be charged when you start fighting in the same row.

The Simplest And Most Complete Way To Play Mahjong For Newbies1

CEasy to understand Mahjong game

Choose a seat

First will take the four pieces East, West, South, North, shuffle them and stack them randomly. Next, roll two dice, the person with the highest score will take the top piece of the husband. The person with the second point will take the next piece, and so on until all the pieces are gone.

According to the rules in How to play Mahjong , the person who draws the East piece, called the East Gate, will choose the position and direction to sit at will. The person who picks up the South piece will sit to the right of the East Gate. The person who draws the West piece will sit to the right of the South Gate and the person who draws the North will sit to the right of the West Gate.

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How to deal cards

According to How to play Mahjong , to start the game, the player needs to face all the cards on the table and shuffle them. Next, the cards will be arranged into two parallel rows, each consisting of 18 stacks, each stack has a card.

The position of the person sitting on the East door will be determined as the Dealer, who has an important role in the game. This person will take 2-3 dice and roll them to decide the order of dealing. Each player will receive 40 cards from a total of 160 cards. After receiving the cards, match the cards into 20 pairs and place them in front of you.

The Simplest And Most Complete Way To Play Mahjong For Newbies2

How to deal standard cards in the game of Mahjong

How to calculate points

Judgment is the unit to calculate the player’s score in How to play Mahjong . Judgment is determined based on the characteristics of the card, such as the number, type of pieces, arrangement and drawing. Different levels of judgment have different point values, specifically:

  • 0 judgment: applied when the player is normally busted, without any outstanding features.
  • 1 judgment: achieved when the player has four consecutive piercing cards in his hand, buzzing cards from the stack of cards, having a Chieu/Phong pair on the same door, or sitting in the same position with someone with the same number of Chinese cards.
  • 2 judgment: achieved when the player has four Chinese cards of the same type, the player has the last card in the stack, has a Chieu/Phong pair on the same door and the wind.
  • 3 sentences: follow How to play Mahjong , this level is achieved when the card has three winds and three dragons, the card is noisy by arranging three cards of the same type in a row.
  • 6 judgment: achieved when the player has a card with four winds of joy, a card that is due to possessing four phoenixes, or a card due to drawing all the pieces as a lung.
  • 8 judgment: achieved when the card has four winds of great joy, the card is due to possessing four squares and only using wind or dragon pieces to arrange.

So here’s the guide  How to play Mahjong   easiest to understand for new players. You can also visit the website of Hi88 to experience as well as discover how to play many other card games.

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