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Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction and Relationships in Brooklyn, New York



Maintaining a pleasant sex life can be difficult for men as they age, but even younger men might have sexual performance concerns due to psychological considerations. Erectile dysfunction is common in middle-aged and older men owing to underlying health issues such as diabetes or drug use such as antidepressants and beta-blockers. Regardless of the potential humiliation, it is critical to treat the main problem by getting medical counseling. Remember that you are not alone; erectile dysfunction affects 18% of men in the United States. Speaking with your doctor about the problem might improve your relationship and general health. Click here to learn more about what you can do about it.

How do I deal with erectile dysfunction?

Both couples may be frustrated while coping with erectile dysfunction. It is critical not to take it personally and to recognize that attraction is not the issue. It might help to relieve stress by concentrating on different types of intimacy, such as oral sex and toys. Arousal may be increased by experimenting in the bedroom, such as by enhancing foreplay or introducing sensual themes. It is critical to support your spouse by accompanying them to the doctor and remaining patient throughout the procedure. Remember that an erection may not occur immediately, so patience and understanding are essential.

Overcoming the stress of erectile dysfunction (ED) in a marriage requires open communication. ED can cause feelings of shame or humiliation, forcing some men to withdraw from intimate relationships. However, it is critical to discuss these feelings in order to avoid misunderstandings and comfort both parties.


When seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), it is best to go to doctor’s visits together so that you have a thorough awareness of your alternatives. Oral drugs such as sildenafil, vardenafil, or tadalafil, which work for roughly 60% of men, are among the treatment alternatives. If drugs fail or create negative effects, a penile vacuum pump can be utilized, while injectable treatment involves injecting medicine directly into the penis. A surgeon-placed penile implant provides a permanent treatment with a high satisfaction rate of over 95% for both patients and their partners.

Final thoughts:

Understanding and support may be fostered by assuring the person with ED that their illness does not impair their masculinity or desirability, prioritizing health and well-being over sex, and demonstrating a desire to work through the obstacles together. If you need guidance, visit a Brooklyn urologist today

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