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Insurers’ Strategies for Undervaluing Workers’ Compensation Claims in Bon Air



Insurance companies prioritize their profits over an injured person’s best interests. Insurance adjusters work for the company, not the injured employee, aiming to maximize the company’s gains. They may employ various tactics to devalue a claim when the person is injured on the job. Often trained to minimize payouts, they may reduce your benefits, disregarding your rightful compensation. Need help? Contact the Injured Workers Law Firm right away for help with your workers’ compensation. 

Insurance adjusters frequently use the approach of delaying claim payments in order to put financial pressure on you to return to work owing to missed income and medical bills. If you believe your claim is being improperly delayed, you should consult with an attorney.

Refusal of physician referral:

The insurance adjuster in a workers’ compensation case may refuse to approve a physician referral sought by your authorized treating physician. This rejection may result in delayed treatment and significant health hazards as you await appropriate care from a specialist or another physician.

Light duty work:

Insurance firms may give a little amount of labor to a workers’ compensation claimant in order to minimize their payments. If you reject this offer, the insurer may try to deny you future benefits. If you accept, it may be transitory unless you have a thorough dialogue. Employers may provide a “light-duty” benefit that is not genuinely suited in some situations, resulting in benefits being reduced while they drive you into physically demanding work throughout your rehabilitation. To guarantee fair treatment, be informed of your rights and speak with specialists.

Asking for a statement:

In workers’ compensation claims, insurance adjusters frequently want a taped statement from the accident victim. This is done, however, to obtain information that can subsequently be utilized against the victim. Adjusters may exploit discrepancies if the information is ignored or underestimated. To safeguard your rights, it is best to contact an attorney before delivering a recorded statement.

Lowball offer:

Insurance adjusters frequently try to reduce the value of a claim by lobbying for an immediate settlement. They want to obtain a lowball offer before the worker obtains legal representation to determine the real worth of the claim. To safeguard your rights and secure fair compensation, it is critical to contact a lawyer before agreeing to any settlement or signing any agreements.

Final thought:

Thinking of representing yourself? You know better than that. Get the help of a Richmond workers’ compensation lawyer today.

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