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Why more men should consider a career as a nurse



In nursing, there’s a common perception that it’s a job for women. But when you look past the person and see what nursing entails, it becomes clear that men also easily thrive in this career. Still, it can be disheartening for men interested in this field since they might feel like they won’t fit in. However, as the old saying goes, ‘never judge a book by its cover’.

Making a difference for others is not only for women

At first glance, it might seem that nursing is only suitable for women. But that’s not the case. The reason why nurses are mostly female is that most people in this profession are, in fact, female. Historically, men were doctors, and women worked in the medical profession as nurses. It was at a time when women didn’t typically work outside the home. So, nursing was one of the few professions where they could work. For nurses today, gender is of no concern. Moreover, you could advance and ensure a thriving career. So, let’s explore the profession for all genders, including men, of course.

Life-long career

It may seem like most people will change careers at least a few times in their lives. However, nursing is a good career choice for those who want to stay in one field for their entire lives. If you decide to become a nurse, you can expect to sustain a career for 50 years or more. For example, you could advance from a floor nurse to a nurse leader. Leading institutions, such as the UIndy DNP-FNP program, allow nurses to earn a Bachelor’s or to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice. It’s a path that indeed allows males in the profession to advance to different roles and levels in nursing.

Good benefits and job security

It’s also worth noting that nurses often receive good benefits and job security. This is an essential criteria for men looking to move into a job position such as this. The government and large hospitals employ many male nurses. Furthermore, many nurses are entitled to benefits such as paid vacations and excellent health insurance. Moreover, there’s a high chance that a nurse’s job will not likely be outsourced or automated, which is essential. Even in times of economic downturn, society needs nurses. That means people who decide to become nurses don’t have to worry about their job security.

Rewarding feeling of helping people

Nursing offers an excellent opportunity for men who want to help people. While society may consider that women are the caregivers, increasingly, men are showing up as the primary caregivers, making a positive impact and creating a better community for everyone.

Nurses are general workers in the healthcare field and provide care to patients at all stages of life. That means nurses can work in a single role or gain experience in various areas of nursing. As a result, men and other genders have the chance to care for patients in many settings. They can grow in their careers in academia, hospitals, schools, or even government policy.

Don’t let the stereotype stop you

If you’re a man interested in pursuing a career in nursing, don’t let the stereotype discourage you. Nursing has a reputation for being a female-dominated profession. But, as you see, that idea is misleading. Men make excellent nurses, and the job offers a variety of benefits that make it an attractive option for anyone. It’s a rewarding field that provides many opportunities to help people.

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Why more men should consider a career as a nurse

In nursing, there's a common perception that it's a job for women. But when you look past the person and see what nursing entails,...


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