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Getting to Know AHCC® Kinoko Platinum from Quality of Life Labs



Many people use complementary and alternative therapy to strengthen their immune systems. It can be challenging to distinguish between fads and products that science has proven. But with AHCC® Kinoko Platinum, you will find the proper supplement you need.

AHCC® is one of the market’s most highly effective, well-researched specialty immune supplements. This supplement is produced from a unique hybridized medicinal mushroom mycelia.

Some of the finest research institutions worldwide have studied AHCC®. More than 30 human clinical trials and more than 100 pre-clinical studies back up AHCC®. It is utilized globally in more than 1,000 clinics.

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How AHCC® Works

AHCC® is a specialty dietary supplement with immune support. Its effectiveness is evident as it has the highest sales in Japan.

AHCC® acts as a biological response modifier. It boosts the body’s quantity and activity of white blood cells. Thus, it amplifies your natural immunity response and fortifies your resistance.

This component also maintains peak natural killer cell activity. It is the body’s initial line of defense. AHCC® also helps increase your body to increase the production of the following:

  • the number of dendritic cells, which recognize immune risks and direct T cells to them,
  • the number of macrophages, which absorb and destroy foreign material, and
  • the number of T cells, which immediately eradicate previously encountered immunological dangers.

Components of AHCC® Kinoko Platinum

Each vegetarian capsule of Kinoko Platinum AHCC® includes 750 mg of AHCC®. Human clinical research has demonstrated that this dosage of AHCC® promotes healthy cells throughout the body.

4 Benefits of AHCC®

1) Increases Immune Response

Immunity is categorized into two types: innate and adaptive. Innate immunity responds quickly to a non-specific threat. On the other hand, adaptive immunity is slower but more specialized.

AHCC® is one of the few products on the market that increases both types of immune responses. It allows our bodies to fight both known and unknown foreign entities.

Cells in the following hormone-sensitive tissues also benefit from AHCC®:

  • prostate
  • breast
  • ovaries
  • liver
  • stomach
  • colon

The compound promotes optimal T-cell activity and macrophage function. It also enhances dendritic cell activity and quantity.

When we have heightened immune challenges, AHCC® is a component of integrated immune system support.

2) Regulates Stress Response

The brain is unable to differentiate between psychological and physical stress. Because of this, your body responds to everyday stress. The sympathetic nervous system brings on this fight-or-flight reaction.

The primary stress hormone is called cortisol. High quantities of cortisol can wreak havoc on your cells, impairing your immune system and causing brain fog.

You might be able to control your body’s response to ongoing stress and cortisol levels by taking a potent dose of AHCC® once daily.

In addition to AHCC®, you can lead a healthy lifestyle by doing the following:

  • engaging in physical activities
  • eating a balanced diet, and
  • minimizing outside stressors.

3) Fights Against Chronic Inflammation

Acute inflammation is the body’s natural response to infection and superficial wounds. Chronic inflammation causes serious harm to the body’s system over time.

AHCC provides optimal macrophage activity. Macrophage activity is critical in a human’s healing process.

By helping to control the inflammatory response in our cells, AHCC® can prevent us from being chronically inflamed and help us fight the natural enemies endangering our health.

4) Reduces Blood Pressure

One of the most prevalent ailments in the US is high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.

Many pharmaceutical drugs are available to treat high blood pressure. Still, diet, exercise, and natural supplementation are the best ways to treat this problem.

One of many substances that have been demonstrated to impact cardiovascular health positively is AHCC®, which was initially created as a therapy for hypertension.

Why is AHCC® Kinoko Platinum Effective?

There are many explanations for why AHCC® is effective. The main factor is that it includes alpha glucans, a unique type of polysaccharides that are potent immune boosters.

All medicinal mushrooms include glucans. However, the acylated alpha glucans in AHCC® are stronger than the beta-glucans present in the majority of other mushrooms.

Also, AHCC® Kinoko Platinum addresses the main issue with most mushroom supplements: inadequate absorption.

The majority of medical mushroom extracts molecularly weigh over 200,000 daltons. On the other hand, AHCC® has a very low molecular weight, around 5,000 daltons. This characteristic enhances its effectiveness and increases absorption.

The Best Medicinal Mushroom Extracts

Effective immune support supplements such as AHCC® will benefit our bodies’ intricate systems.

There are so many facets of physical wellness that we can’t overlook. If you want to live long and have a better quality of life, providing your body with the nutrition required to enhance the cells is essential.

In 2002, Quality of Life Labs introduced AHCC® after taking home the esteemed NutrAward for Best New Product of the Year. Since then, it has continued to be our most well-liked and acclaimed product.

If you want to try AHCC® for yourself, ensure to buy from a trustworthy manufacturer, such as Quality of Life, which obtains the best natural components worldwide.

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