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World Cup every few years  – The Biggest Tournament on the Planet



World Cup every few years And what is the history of the biggest football tournament on the planet? This is a football tournament organized by the world football federation FIFA exclusively for national teams. Our following article will help you understand information related to the most attractive tournament on the planet.

World Cup every year?

Tournaments World Cup every few years  And how many teams are participating in total are questions of many football fans. The World Cup was first held in Uruguay in 1930, then every 4 years this tournament took place once every 4 years. However, the World Cup was interrupted by World War II.

Starting from 1938, each football season has had the presence of 32 teams participating to get tickets to participate in this tournament. World Cup every few years  And what teams are there? All teams need to qualify for the qualifying round held in 6 regions around the world including: Oceania (OFC), Asia (AFC), South America (CONMEBOL), North and Central America, Asia. Africa (CAF), Caribbean (CONCACAF), Europe (UEFA) in the previous 3 years.

History of the World Cup soccer tournament

Football fans are always especially interested World Cup every few years and the history of the match, let’s find out the details right below.

What tournaments were the World Cup created from?

In 1872, the world’s first football match was held in Glasgow. This was a match between England and Scotland with a score of 0. In 1884, the English Premier League was opened – this was the first international soccer tournament.

Since then, football has gradually become popular and is organized as a sport sport but there were no medals for athletes in the summer Olympics of 1900 and 1904. In 1900, Great Britain and Oriflame became the first champions at the Olympic tournament.

In 1904, when FIFA was founded they tried to organize more professional international football tournaments. At the same time, he called on foreign countries to participate in 1906 according to the Olympic framework but failed. So now World Cup every few years  Still not a difficult question to answer.

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World Cup soccer tournament before World War II

With the resounding success of the Olympic tournament, FIFA once again considered organizing a soccer-specific tournament. On May 28, 1928, FIFA organized the world tournament in Amsterdam.

Uruguay is now a country chosen to become the host country to host the tournament. Uruguay has won two championships at the most recent Olympics, simultaneously celebrating the 100th anniversary of independence.

The invitation to attend the WC was sent to FIFA, but it was held in Uruguay and this was a trip that was quite time-consuming and expensive. That’s why, 2 months before the season, no European country committed to sending a team to participate.

The president of the world football federation FIFA convinced countries such as Yugoslavia, France, Belgium, and Romania to make this trip. Therefore, at this time there were 13 participating teams including 2 North American countries, 7 countries from Yugoslavia and 4 European countries.

World Cup competition format

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The format of the biggest soccer tournament on the planet is certainly information that many fans are interested in. Trang Chủ 789BET Will share with readers immediately below:

World Cup qualifiers

In 1934, the qualifying round was organized and selected teams that met the conditions to enter the final round. The qualifiers are held in six regions and are supervised by FIFA, who previously agreed on participation slots for each region based on performance and strength.

 World Cup every few years  – The World Cup qualifiers begin almost 3 years before the final match and last about 2 years. In regular play-off matches, 1 or 2 slots will be awarded to the winning team. From 1938 onwards, the host nation did not need to compete in the qualifying round to still be able to participate in the final.

At the same time, the defending WC champions from 1938 to 2002 were also given the right to participate without qualifying. World Cup 2006, all defending champions need to pass the qualifying round to attend the final.

Final round

The 4 teams entering the semi-finals will play one more match. The winning pairs of teams will enter the finals and decide the throne. Unlike EURO, the World Cup soccer tournament will hold a third-place match between the two losing teams in the semifinals before the final match takes place.


World Cup every few years  We have shared it in full and in detail through the content of the above article. Hopefully with this useful knowledge, readers will have more information about the tournament worth looking forward to. Follow and update the latest sports news on our website Bookmaker 789BET Please.

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